10 Tips for Choosing the Best Web Font for Your Design Project

Tips For Choosing the Best Web Font For Design

There are numerous aspects, factors and multiple stakeholders involved around a Website design and development project. Let’s consider you have decided to create a website for your business, you have consulted or appointed a Website Design Company and they are putting in all the efforts to create a prototype for your new website by including the UX / UI Design concepts and much more hard work being involved in the project.

However, there is something that you might feel is missing in the new website designed by the web design agency. Wondering what it is? No not the color, layout or functionality. It is the font that makes all the difference in how your website looks. Yes, fonts play a major role in a website design. A perfect font plays a key role in the mind of your targeted audiences and gives a first impression of the seriousness of your business.

Selecting The Perfect Font for Your Website

In order to decide a just right font for your website, there are various criteria you need to think about which includes the compatibility, page loading time, design of the website, web development components and more. We have listed ten tips for selecting the best font for your design.

1. First, have the Fundamentals in Place

• Kerning, tracking and leading: Kerning is the space between letter pairs, whereas tracking is the space between the letter pairs and leading means the space between two lines. Mind this space while choosing the font.

• Readability: The amount of words in a sentence or a single line also matters. Keep in mind the size of the screen and design it in such a way that it is easy to read.

• Number of Fonts: Avoid using too many font styles on a single page. Ideally, only three font styles should be used unless there is a valid point to use the fourth style.

2. Work On The Compatibility

The constant change and updates from the browser side may hamper how your font looks on your website. Hence, you need to select a font which is compatible across all the browsers, devices and adjusts to the browser updates. To make sure your selected font works well across all the browsers, make sure to do a test across multiple devices and browsers.

3. Use External Services

Companies that offer a responsive web design services recommend using Google web font services as there are minimal technical issues in that. There are various other fonts available online where up to a certain level you get a free access and there are premium options which come with a cost. The advantage about these services is that you have a wide choice to make from the library without having to spend on the individual font. Also, these fonts can are ideal only for online usage and it will not work on printed projects.

4. Mind Your Tone and Message

A professional website design company who are knowledgeable about this matter will always recommend and ensure that the selected font matches the tone and message of the brand. You can pose a few questions before determining the same.

• Is the design project for casual of the formal audience?
• How should the font be bold or lighter?
• Is the font too large or too small for the design?
• Will it complement with the background images?
• Does the font go with the mood of the content?

5. Check the Font Combination Suggestions

The plus point while considering Google Fonts is that you can check font combination suggestions. Pairing fonts is a difficult task and it is not meant for every designer, in such a case designers can take help online. Avoid choosing the first suggestion in the list as it will be the one used numerous times.

While pairing fonts take into consideration the mood, stoke and x-height, shape, and slant. Mix and match fonts make an awesome combination unless a few things as mentioned earlier is considered.

6. Web Page Loading Time

A website loading time also depends on the font selected. If the webpage takes time to load then it is advisable to change. Users coming to your site have not patience to be on hold on a slow website. Companies that offer custom web design services use fonts that are light weighed and do not affect the loading speed of the website. They check the speed with the selected font as a practice to avoid any changes at a later stage.

7. Choose Wisely

Do not go for a simple font like Arial or Droid Sans, take time, research and choose the fonts wisely. You can take an idea from a few sites that are meant for this and suggest great fonts that ideal for a certain category.

8. The Importance of Consistency

You might get tempted to experiment with new fonts when your new website is being built. However, your website development company will recommend you to be consistent. Reason being, when people visit your site for the first time a glimpse will give them the idea of the brand’s DNA. People build a perception about your brand and if you keep on experimenting with your website font every week that will keep your brand recognition value at a stake.

9. Determine Brand Personality

Companies that offer custom website design services always try to analyze the type of business and the audience that it caters to. If the business is traditional, modern, fun, quirky, classic or retro. Hence, it is recommended that you determine the brand personality and stick to it.

10. Using Web Safe Fonts

This means your users need not install a particular font to access your website. Those who use custom fonts or fonts that are not available online have a big problem communicating their business to the audience. In this case, developers can convert such fonts to web safe fonts however there is no guarantee that the converted font will give a great result on the screen.

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