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If you are an entrepreneur, then one of the most important aspects is going to be the online promotion and for that, you need a website. If you are looking to make a website, then you must actually look at the possible options by which you can make a website easily and attract a lot of people via online media also. Out of all the options, WordPress is one of the best cases, as in most of the cases the website will be quite easy for anyone to make. Anyone within 6 – 8 Clicks can setup a WordPress based website.

WordPress based websites are the easiest website to be made just for the cause, that most of the backend is already made, and we just have to customize a theme, which might be sourced from a friend who bought it, or we can buy a new theme, and get it customized by a professional. These are the first priority for people who are on a budget and don’t want to make a hole in the pocket in the online promotion department only.

Hence among all types of websites, bloggers and even entrepreneurs prefer a WordPress based website. These websites are a gem when it comes to customizing. Themes are the best way to actually get a good customization and provide a handful of functionalities. WooCommerce is the best Theme provider among the rest when it comes to themes and overall functionality of making a Shopping website via the free WordPress platform.

WooCommerce is the best way to setup an e-commerce platform, till you have your own server with an own set of the backend. There are a number of themes available for customization when you need WordPress website with an objective to sell your products. Usually, when it comes to such websites, they tend to be really costly as they employ a whole set of backend which most of the time is developed via a developer. This might result in a costly way, but WordPress and WooCommerce combined to make a good cost effective solution. Now let us look at on how to setup the WordPress theme on a WooCommerce setup.

Installing and Setting up the WooCommerce theme on WordPress.

Once you get a hosting, or you setup a local host on your PC, then you have to install WooCommerce on your WordPress website. Once the basic setup of WooCommerce is complete, you have to now start with the following steps to get your website to a working state.

Step 1: Install Dummy Data With These Steps

You have to just get some products listed on the website with the help of which you can get help in customizing the layout of the WordPress theme more easily. The woo commerce plugin comes with a set of Dummy Data and hence you don’t have to disturb Google for the same.

  • Download the dummy-data.XML file
  • Go to Tools and click on Import
  • Now choose WordPress and not the WooCommerce Tax Rates
  • Now choose the dummy-data.XML file which must be stored on your PC & click on Import
  • Now select your preferences and click on submit

Step 2:

Now the next data after your Dummy Data is ready, next steps come to install a good looking WordPress WooCommerce based theme. There are two ways with which you can setup the theme. Either go with the old way of accessing the website via FTP or can do via the WordPress admin panel. You can find one of the best themes on ThemeForest just be sure that it must have the static page as front page option.

  1. FTP Method
    • Open your hosting C-Panel.
    • From C-Panel upload the theme to the themes folder.
    • Now open the Admin Panel and activate the theme.
  2. From WordPress Admin Panel
    • Open Themes option from the dashboard.
    • Use the upload option to upload the theme.
    • Once the upload is over activate the theme.

Step 3: Setting Up the Theme

As you know, not everything is made the same way, even bikes, cars, mobile phones, or anything has its own way to work. And hence this tutorial might vary theme to theme.

  • Now first we have to install all the recommended & required plug-in for the theme.
  • Click on Install option on each plug-in which will be necessary for the theme to work.

Step 4: Customizing

One of the most important tasks is to give the website your own touch that means you have to customize the same. It doesn’t mean you need to know PHP, HTML, CSS and all other things. All you need is a basic knowledge of Computer with which you can easily make up some good websites.

  • The first thing you will get to edit is Site Identity, where in you need to enter Title of the website and a tagline for the same.
  • Then there comes the need of some menus which will be helping the users to navigate to the websites.
  • Now you have to select a Blog page and a Front Page where Front Page will be the Shop named page, wherein we will have all the listing of products.
  • The Front page must be a static page, and while for the post page, it depends if you need a blog deferent or a different post page.

This is something with which most of your work for setting up of the website on which you in future will be selling the products is over. Now you need to actually add the products you need to sell, which might be a tiring task. You will also have to delete the products which you actually made in order to setup the website, dummy data. Otherwise, it will interfere with your working.

Hope the setup was clear, if you have any problem then do reach out to us, and we will let you know on how to solve the same.


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