OneLogin Offers a Solution to Common Cloud Security Concerns

The Aberdeen Report, authored by Derek E. Brink, CISSP with the cooperation of over 17,000 U.S. and Canadian manufacturers explores identity management challenges and their effect on the more digitalized manufacturing organizations of the modern world. The report highlights two major challenges faced by increasingly cloud-reliant manufacturers.

The first of these challenges is the manufacturer’s ability to manage the roles and permissions of their employees, vendors, and customers over an increasingly diverse number of applications, both locally and on the cloud.

The second challenge is the manufacturer’s ability to address the growing security and compliance risks that come with the expansive user access and permission requirements of a cloud-reliant industry.

These challenges have become a major issue for the personnel of any company that’s planning to move towards more modern, cloud-focused systems. There are a number of points that need to be taken into consideration before any company can safely and efficiently embrace modern digitalization, but four of those points stand out as requiring more urgent consideration.

The Expansion of Third-Party Access

With the explosive adoption of cloud computing, it’s commonplace for users both within and without the company to have access to a company’s networks, as well as their applications and data. Supply chain partners such as vendors, and occasionally even customers make use of this data in order to increase company efficiency, but it can cause systems to balloon in complexity, and can even become a security concern. A single sign on system without adequate security can be especially disastrous, offering attackers access to multiple systems.

Finding a Balance Between Security and Efficiency

It’s important for a company to find a healthy balance between their own security and expanded user access. It’s vital to modern companies to securely and efficiently connect an ever-growing number of users and applications but throwing caution to the wind could be disastrous. Weak, stolen and compromised credentials can be an especially dire risk, being at the forefront of between 80-90% of data breaches.

Securing Against Cyber Attacks

The manufacturing industry sees the highest volume of phishing attacks in the world. With a wealth of sensitive data such as financials, partner agreements, schematics, blueprints, M&A data, and NPI documentation, it’s no wonder they’re a prime target for cybercriminals. Traditional MFA and SSO services rarely offer the third-party support to adequately solve these issues.

Cutting Operational Costs

Manufacturers can easily become bogged down by the money-and-time-sink that traditional identity management presents. End users will often forget application passwords, causing delays in production, and increasing IT workload with non-critical issues. A high number of end users will often result in application rollouts becoming complicated, the formation of multiple disparate user directories, and generally, an over-complicated mess of an identity management system. SSO solutions can help to alleviate the complexity, but few offer widespread support for industry-standard applications.

OneLogin Offers a Solution

OneLogin was founded specifically to address these points. They offer a single sign on system with multifactor authentication, Active Directory integration in real-time, and pre-integration with over 5,000 of the most commonly used applications, including industry giants such as Oracle, Office 365 and G Suite. They provide a full suite of Cloud IAM features and allow companies to securely access their applications whether their data is stored on-premises, remotely or both.

About OneLogin

Cloud computing offers a vast number of benefits, but it also comes with its own security and productivity challenges. Thomas and Christian Pedersen saw these challenges clearly and founded OneLogin with the goal of solving them. In 2010, they launched the easy-to-use identity & access management solution with the backing of CRV. Since then, they’ve become an industry standard, trusted by security-conscious organizations around the globe.

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