SEO Tips For E-commerce Website

Getting more organic traffic and making it a way to be on Google’s rankings first position is the dream of most of the e-commerce business owners.

But to how to surpass giant e-commerce websites like Amazon, Walmart etc from the tops searches and how can small e-commerce business owners make their way to the top of Google’s ranking?

With E-commerce SEO.

Yes, you heard it right! E-commerce SEO is the foundation for ensuring your product pages among the top organic search results.

So, here are powerful and amazing SEO Tips for your e-commerce store to increase conversion and sales of your website and skyrocket your business.

1. Ensure your website is on HTTPS

HTTPS is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure for secure communication over the computer networks. For any e-commerce website, switching to HTTPS is extremely important.At these online stores, users share their personal details and payment information. So, the security of the customers’ information is highly important.
Provide detailed information on your website about the security measures you have undertaken for your customers and use logos to demonstrate that you comply with these security standards.

2. Conduct Proper Keyword Research

You know the keyword research for e-commerce is different from any keyword research that you have done online. How?

The blog and content heavy websites look for information keywords like this:

While the commercial websites or e-commerce websites look for the commercial keywords like this:

The keywords for the e-commerce store must have high volumes per month. Look for the keywords high local monthly searches and are relevant to your business.

How to find the right keywords?

There are various tools for finding the right keywords for your business like Keyword Planner, SEMRush etc. Use these tools and get the right keywords for your online store.

3. Focus on Homepage SEO

The homepage of your website is one of the top pages of your website to optimize. The key things to optimize on the home page include:

Title Tag
• The Homepage title tag should include your business name with the main targeting keyword.
• The maximum character length of the title tag is 72 characters.
Meta Description
• The homepage Meta description is a 160 character description about your business that shows below the title tag.
• It should be appealing enough to draw people to your website.
• The content on the homepage should clear and concise to help the customers to learn about your products and business.
• Mention your unique selling proposition on the homepage to attract visitors.

4. Optimize Product Pages

The SEO helps in reaching out your product page to the potential customers increase your brand value. Product Page Optimization includes:

Image Optimization:
Images are very important for your product page. The site that shows an image from as many different angles as possible for the product you want to buy is likely to get more customers.
Adding videos can be a great way to attract customers. Publishing how-to videos on YouTube engage the audience and educate potential customers about the use of your product and hence more visitors on your site.
Customer Reviews:
Customer reviews are the best way to boost the customer’s confidence to buy your product. More reviews on a product of your site, greater the chance of people buying your product that result in greater sales of your business.

5. Simplify Your Site Structure

Site structure plays an important role in search engine optimization of your e-commerce website. How the pages are organized on your website greatly affects your search engine rankings.

When you add or remove any new product or category, your site structure gets complicated very quickly. So, make your site structure simple and easy to navigate.

The thumb rule of search engines is to make people reach everything within three clicks. That means, your site structure should be designed in a way that from the homepage, a maximum of three clicks is required to get any product on your website.

6. Use permanently 301 redirects expired product URLs

A permanent 301 redirect is very useful for SEO of your website as they allow you to inform search engines about where the old content has moved.

Incase you fail to redirect a page for an expired product, search engines will find 404 not found page when the user clicks on it resulting in loss of traffic, ranking,and link juice.

But, 301 permanent redirect page will help you to retain the link equity of your website and enhance user experience. It automatically directs users from the old domain to the new domain.

7. Add Schema Markup

Schema markup allows search engines to analyze and understand your product information and display it on SERPs that ultimately dries revenue to your website. The schema markups that should be added on e-commerce website are:

• Product
Adding schema markup for your website’s product page allows you to display details like product color, size, model etc.
• Pricing
It helps in getting an idea of the price of the item you want to buy from SERPs that offers more click-through on your website.
• Reviews and Ratings
Testimonials are the great source of improving sales on your website. Showing reviews and ratings of your product in the SERPs through schema markup is social proof of the quality of your product and convert visitors into customers.

8. Write Compelling Product and Category Descriptions

Instead of just writing about what the manufacturer provides, write something useful and descriptive that is complete of your own. Writing an impressive and awesome product and category descriptions are one of the best ways to convince your customers to buy products from your online store.

Catchy and compelling product descriptions have a great impact on the conversion rate of your website. So, write unique product and category description with the use of relevant keywords.

There is much more about E-commerce SEO which is impossible to cover in one article. But the above E-commerce SEO Tips are the best and proven tips that have helped many websites to increase sales and generate high revenue.

Now it’s’ your turn! Implement these SEO Tips on your website and be on the top of Google search engine rankings.

About the Author:

AarifHabeeb is an SEO expert in Jaipur  and founder of SEOTrainingClasses – Provide SEO Course in Jaipur. Over the last 5 years, he has successfully developed and implemented online marketing, SEO, and conversion campaigns for 30+ businesses of all sizes.He is responsible for brand-building via content and social media for hisagency. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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