Tips To Convert Your PSD Format File In WordPress Instantly

PSD To WordPress

Are you irritated & confused with how to turn your PSD File in WordPress? Want an urgent solution? Get some basic step s& easy solutions which will help you get your PSD File converted totally into WordPress in just few minutes.

If you have been working on a file in the Photoshop and you have saved it in JPEG, PDF, PNG, etc., then these steps will help you get them converted simply in just minimum steps! Mostly the ones who suffer are the students who are learning graphic designing. Well this is normal this happens and learning is a process isn’t it? Well, we are here for your assistance.

Let’s understand what is a PSD File & A WordPress File?

For all those who are learning and are not aware what is a PSD file it is nothing but a Photoshop file. Photoshop file are those which convert the files in a workable condition where due to this positive capacity, it has it is also called as Open file. Photoshop has been observed and is certified certainly to be the most useful & efficient graphic designing tool which helps each and every one operate it and get the best results.

WordPress is a platform used for blogging. WordPress is more than a theme and a template. It is said to be a PHP formatted language document that creates better results.

There are 5 simple steps that you need to follow:

1. Slice Your PSD File:

Assure that your PSD file is ready, all you need to do is that you need to slice it in several different pieces. The basic reason behind doing this is that there are different things, sections, various associated behaviors that you want to assign & join as one. But just slicing in several different parts is not that you do it randomly or unknowingly. You need to follow a systematic pattern that helps you identify the images accordingly, which will make you see where the footer, the header, the various portions & parts are available in different!

Photoshop is basically made up of many various features & layers. As Photoshop has the capacity to get things saved in PDF& JPEG as well as PNG formats it helps you to work well. Yet, it you need better performance and better transparency all you need to do is save it or convert that from JPEG to PNG as PNG applies transparent segments.

Be careful and accurate when you break down or slice down the images. Any mistake or carelessness can pay you off as if any single pixel if moved wrong and spoil each and every thing and will end you up do all of it again segment wise. CSS is important while you are so willing to convert that PSD File into WordPress. CSS is known as cascading style sheets where in this it helps to control various webpages.

2. Try Creating HTML Index Files and CSS Style Files:

Here comes your basic part and process of converting your PSD file into a WordPress. To create a website this step is necessary. All you need to simply do is that you need to adjoin or assemble the broken, sliced images well, so that they look similar to your original PSD File. Then you need to create on HTML format file. The name can be anything but for better reference and learning purpose, we mention it as index.htm.

Keep note that just to identify the various slices you need to name it as HTML or XHTML so that it gets easy to identify the PSD images. For better layout foundation uses DIV elements. DIV elements are a division or a section that basically helps to avoid overlapping and duplicate slices. DIV’s are very much flexible & versatile. After the proper formatting procedure and the basic layout, you are required to do make it stylish similarly to your PSD file.

For better style to be providing you need to make use of CSS files which will help you choose the colors, text shadows, font styles, borders, etc. simply for creating the style in your file you need to make on style.css and then name it as index.htm to show that it is an html file.

3. Cut Down Your HTML File into WordPress Theme/Template File:

At this stage or step, all you need to do is break down the HTML file & the CSS file. Well to make it simpler WordPress has its own well defined pre-maintained files all used to create a webpage.  So all you need to do is that you need to scatter these index.htm files into various WP files. The list of files for template or theme files in WordPress are:

  • sidebar.php
  • single.php
  •  404.php
  •  style.css
  •  index.php
  •  search.php
  •  archive.php
  •  footer.php
  •  header.php
  •  category.php
  •  comments.php

4. Add Functions & Tags of WordPress:

Now one step closer to your PSD File conversion in to WordPress all you need to do is simply converting your PHP files (general purpose files) into WordPress theme files. All you need is WordPress Tags. What are these?

WordPress has complicated & comprehensive online things to be done and carrying out all these functions is quite easy with WordPress. Once you are done tagging & installing functions put them in the folder with the name of your new theme or template. In this folder CSS Files, Images (screenshot.jpg/ screenshot.png) & Java Scripts all can be seen.

5. Add More of Customized Functions & Functions:

In this your WordPress is done & ready. Through all such process, it will convert from PSD Files into WordPress Files where you have customized things added up in it! And there are more functions install, then existing. You can also customize your PHP functions, create a functions.php file.

Also at times if there are various website errors found you need to make folders for them and solve all such issues from creating respective html folders. At times you may also need to add JavaScript to your WordPress files in PHP files. JavaScript is basically a totally client based.

The process even though is simple yet is incredible. These tips are useful for all learners and professional both! Get these useful tips and change your PSD file into WordPress today!

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