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The computer is safe and intelligent machinery and it has many features which support to secure data. We all know even after deleting the files, they are stored in recycle bin. You can also restore data by file history and restore point. However, we lost the most important data from the computer due to any reason. That is why there is a need of software to recover data from windows system.

Data Recovery Software

Data recovery software helps to deal with the data loss troubles. People face troubles like losing data due to viruses; sometimes we delete the file which later turns out to be important, lose data due to damage to file etc. Today data recovery market is very competitive and there is much software which can restore data from PC, hard disk, pen drive, laptop, mobile etc. Through the software you can recover the deleted files, deleted emails, deleted data from recycle bin, damaged file, hard disk deleted data, etc. These software are user-friendly, anyone can use it. In the market, you will find paid software however you have the choice to download free data recovery software from the internet.

Rules To Follow For Data Recovery Software

It is recommended to stop the use of the device from which data has lost.

Never download the data recovery software on external device or the hard drive which has lost data.

It is also recommended not to save the recovered data on the same hard drive. For this, you will also find the notification to warn you.

Highly Recommended Advanced Data Recovery Software

1.  Recuva

It is free software which can be used to recover file which are lost from the computer. It can recover music, videos, photos, emails, important docs etc. you can recover any form of file which is accidentally the deleted or lost. Even you can recover data from rewritable media like memory card, USB, external hard drive etc. Recuva can also recover files from formatted device and deep scan those files which are hard to find. It is very advanced software.

2. PC inspector

It is smart recovery software. It enable user to get the corrupted data It has unique feature like TestDisk and recover my file to recover data from FAT and NTFS partitions. The best part is you can scan specific part of the drive and restore the lost data.

3. Wise Data Recovery Software

It is also for free recovery to get back the deleted file, documents, videos, photos etc. It has clean interface and quickly restore the lost data. It is very easy to use just download the software and select the drive. The software recovers the data within few minutes.

4. Soft Perfect File Recovery

It is one of the best as it is easy to search recoverable files. It will automatically recover the deleted files from hard drives, memory card, USB etc. it is a portable software which can recover file from small to big files. It is perfectly suitable for windows 7,8, vista, XP, server 2008 & 2003 and much more. It not only recovers the deleted files but also recover the whole folder.

5. Pandora Recovery Software

It is very famous and has rich tools. It has many customization options and deeply scans the folder. It has rich handling tools that recover the FAT32 and NTFS files. It gave you many options to choose how to scan the files. You can choose a part of file or whole file to scan. You can also connect with external device to store the data.

6. Photo Recovery Software

PhotoRec is used to recover the data from digital cameras, hard disk, CDs etc. It is compatible with all the devices and can recover 440 different file formats.

7. Disk Drill

It is very simple recovery software. It can recover the data up to 500 MB from any storage device. You can also preview the files which you want to recover. It has feature of recovering partial data by full or partial scan.

8. Ease US Data Recovery

It is also an easy to use just in few clicks you can recover the lost data. It can recover data from hard disk, Ios device, Pen drive etc. You can recover up to 500 mb data for free and for rest you have to purchase to upgrade the software.

9. Restoration Data

The restoration data recovery is similar other recovery software. It can also recover data and file from all the devices and very easy to use.

10. SoftPerfect File recovery

It is available in multiple languages and stores the lost data quickly. However, it cannot recover the corrupted file.

The software which we have mentioned above is the best in the industry. However, there are end numbers of software to recover the data. Go through the reviews and feedback for any data recovery software.

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