Top 5 Trending Of Web Designing For 2017

Make your Business Logo Creative with these trending tips

Designing a website is a most difficult job for any web-developer. Not only for the cause of endless thinking, but now have we had a number of formats on which we can base on our sub-design. In 2016 we had many exclusive web designs such as flat design, material design, and card layouts. Most of which are derived from Android, which is also another platform, on which we have different types of layouts out of which most famous was material design.

Now the Developers were in a tough problem to actually deliver the best thing out of the available things because most of the times clients needed most out of the designs they can get. Now in the New Year, the major changes will come with a new set of designs, because there has to be some difference between the designs from last year and the new 2017 year. Websites are differentiated mostly by the designs on which they are based.

Now let us enlist the top 5 trends which are most likely to get famous in 2017:

  • Mobile First Design
  • Age-Based Responsive Design
  • Big Bold Typography & Vivid Color
  • Micro Interactions
  • Bespoke Illustrations

Now let us have an overview of what does this design make out to and if you must implement this design onto your website. Let’s start with Mobile First Design.

Mobile First Design

As you know that most of the people now –a-days use a mobile phone and I am sure that you must also be using a cell phone to read this. Mobile Phone now is the main gadget to view a web page, and hence developers must actually go to the responsive websites which most of the companies will take, in a flow for a mobile first design. So in-short one should actually first concentrate on Mobile designs, then for tablets, and then for the desktops.

Age-Based Responsive Design

Most of the times, things happen, such as there is a DIY project for a small kid, but is structured to be read by an adult. Which actually makes reading for kids a bit difficult? Now this year it seems like developers will be making a website which will be for all types of age groups. Like, say if we have an old person reading the website, the website must have a large font size. Young users must have a set of vibrant colors, and much more. This is an example, but this type of websites will make way in 2017.

Vivid Color

This year there are high chances that web industry will employ the use of vivid colors which induces a kind of new energy and warmth to the whole website. Colors play a vital role in engaging the customers and hence this will be very useful for the developers who will be developing for business based websites.

Micro Interactions

This is going to be another great method to implement in the website designs. This basically includes interactions with different products where it will be like, clicking a like button to highlight the product, or set an alarm. You can view the Micro Interactions on the websites such as Facebook or Twitter, and more websites will implement this in future.

Bespoke Illustrations

Stock Images can actually fade away with time, but the illustrations will add a unique appeal to the website. They do add a new unique appeal to the website.

If you are a web developer, then these new trends of designing the website will help you; do let us know if you think that this helped you in designing the same.

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